These were their vows:

I vow to love you

I vow to love you

to respect you

to be your best friend

to always share my dessert

to be the Emma to your Mr. Knightly

to read aloud to you

to lead a charmed life

to write you love letters

to take spontaneous road trips

to do most of the driving

to keep the NPR podcasts rolling

to always provide you with more trivia than you need

to indulge your geeky side

to always believe your current haircut is the best you’ve ever had

to laugh at your jokes

to buy you lots of pugs

to be patient

to build you a home

to consult you before painting the walls pink

to never stop learning

to dream big dreams

to always be awed by your pioneering spirit

to not overshadow you with my fame [everyone laughed!]

to be your biggest fan

to wake you every morning

to kiss you every night

to learn to cook the basics

to ask about your day

to remember where I left my keys and phone

to hold your hand

to be open-minded

to admit when I’m wrong

to cherish you for always

to never give up

to never, ever give up

to work every day toward being the man you deserve

to work every day toward being the woman you deserve

Do you vow to be my wife?

I do. Do you vow to me my husband?

I do.

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DIY~ Guestbook bench

What a great idea to have your guests sign a piece of furniture that you can display in your home all the time. The best part is it costs very little to make. 

Get more info here

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How freaking cute is this?! 

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So pretty! 

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